Fairport Angels Blood Drive

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As friends and families have spread geographically, they still remember our Fairport Angels, especially during the month of June, feeling the loss from 13 years ago. These same friends and family members can individually put their feelings into actions, by donating much needed blood to the American Red Cross.

In Fairport, on June 18, the annual Fairport Angel Blood Drive is being hosted. No matter your location, you can schedule a visit to your nearest Red Cross center within the next month, noting ‘StJohnOfRochesterFairport’ as the recipient. Please pledge your support on this page when you donate. We invite you to upload a post on social media for your donation with the hashtag #FairportAngelsBloodDrive. Additionally, your donation will also involve a test for COVID antibodies!

The Angel families appreciate your continued support and so do all of the loved ones of future recipients of your blood. Your donation has the opportunity to save three lives!

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #FairportAngelsBloodDrive

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