Brothers Bleed the Same Colors

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Given the spate of mass shootings (at least 249 this year so far), and this most recent one today in El Paso Texas where it appears many have been killed or injured, my chest tightens, and my eyes are filled with tears.

How awful and unfair for those victims, and what a terror this new normal is for our children to have to be afraid of gun violence and be taught “active shooter” drills in school!

Alas, it occurs to me that some of you may have similar pain, fear, or concern. I got you and I’m sorry for your pain. Let’s be sure to be there for each other, for our families, and for our communities. As Masons do.

Be heartened, brothers, that you do not stand alone. Our light shines bright and dispels the darkness. Keep the faith, be hopeful, and give love and charity to all. In honor of those principles, please donate blood for the benefit of those in need.

Love and light,

The brothers of Mariners Lodge No. 67

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