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Donating blood is the easiest way to give back to the world that has given you all that you have.  If something ever happened to you or one of your loved ones, you probably would expect the Hospital to have enough blood.   Unfortunately, situations happen every day, and the Hospitals don’t always have enough blood.

This is your chance to be part of a collective team to raise awareness and do our part to help.  No money is required, just some time and a bit of your own renewable resources.

You can support this team approach towards a good cause.  Regardless of your blood type and quality, your just showing up generates points for our team and raises awareness among your circle of friends.

Many of you have spent time around one of my boats, as racing crew, competition, cruising companions, or may have desired to do an not made it out yet.  Some of you have never seen my boat and get seasick and hate boating.  This is not about all that, it is about giving back in the most basic way.

I have O- blood, I can give blood and many can use my donation. However, should I ever need blood; there are only a few of you who could help me.  We need as many of you, your friends and family members to join this crew so no matter who shows up in need, there is a supply for all.

Thank you for considering helping me in this crusade.  My goal for our blood drive total for this team is larger than the consumption of Rum on Ariel.  Can we all get together and find a way to collectively fill a 55 gal drum full of much needed blood for the Red Cross?

With your help we can…



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