Save A Stranger 2019

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We at Love Your Birth! would like to honor and recognize October as Accreta Awareness Month by sponsoring a blood drive in our community.

Placenta accreta is one of the fastest growing life-threatening pregnancy complications. It is a condition in which the placenta embeds too deeply into the uterus, sometimes all the way through it. It always requires a cesarean delivery, and often an emergency hysterectomy.

1 in 272 birthing parents will experience an accreta, the most common risk factor is a previous cesarean delivery.

1 in 14 birthing parents with accreta will die from accreta related complications.

Accreta is not the only pregnancy condition that may require blood products though. Postpartum hemorrhage is another common complication that may necessitate a blood transfusion.

1-5% of all birthing parents will experience a postpartum hemorrhage.

Please join us in honoring all the survivors of birth complications, especially those who needed blood products, by donating blood so there is enough on hand for the next person who needs it, birthing or not.

All donors who take a selfie and **tag us** on social media before November 12 will be entered to win a Costco Membership! Don’t forget you can join our team, LYB Columbia, on your blood donor app! #saveastranger2019

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #saveastranger2019