Pay It Forward — Amanda Style!!!

Amanda with her beautiful family!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 was just a normal day for Amanda Jaczkowski. She was riding her bike to work when she was struck by a gravel truck. She was rushed to the hospital in serious condition with a laundry list of injuries. She is requiring a multitude of surgeries. Amanda is still in the hospital to date. It will be a long and painful road to recovery. Amanda’s attitude and determination is so very inspiring!

Anyone who knows Mandi can attest to her love of life and passion for helping others. She gives back to the community constantly by helping to revitalize Detroit, assisting the homeless, and helping refugees get acclimated to the new country. You can never keep Mandi off of her feet–between swing dancing, polkaing, and playing soccer, she is always moving and full of the kind of energy that inspires others to join in.

Mandi has spent so much time giving back to the community and spreading love to those around her, it is the least we can do to rally behind her in her recovery. Amanda has had 15 surgeries to date and has been given 35 units of blood. She has expressed her wishes to somehow replace all the blood that helped save her life! Above all, Amanda appreciates all of your prayers and good wishes.

Help us reach our goal and ensure that patients receive the life saving blood they need. Make and keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross. Just click on “Pledge to Give Blood” and you will be provided with locations near you to donate.

One blood donation can help save up to three lives. That means a lot to patients in need.

How about taking a selfie while giving blood and post it?

Let’s Pay It Forward — Amanda Style!!!

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Thank you! Pat Petkash (Amanda’s Aunt)

Please send me your name….

Posted on: September 20, 2017

There seems to be a glitch on this site. I am only able to see the last 10 people that have pledged. Both Amanda and I would like to send a thank you to you. Will you please email me (1) your name (2) your email address (3) any message you would like me to pass on to Amanda (4) a pic of yourself if you want to.

My email address is [email protected]

I am screen capturing the list as it updates and hope someone at Red Cross can fix this problem.

(You can also message the info to me on Facebook…email would be much easier for me to compile the list.)

Thank you, Pat Petkash…Amanda’s aunt

Thank you!!!

Posted on: September 15, 2017

A big thank you to everyone that pledged to be a blood donor so far! It is so wonderful to see such a great response! It is certainly a testimony to everyone’s love for Amanda!

Forty (40) fantastic people have pledged in just these first four (4) days!!! Let’s keep this going, if you can be a donor please pledge…and, remember to share “Pay It Forward — Amanda Style” with all of your social media friends! Just click that share button!

Thank you again! ❤️❤️❤️

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #Fightlikehell