Giving Back is Vital

The first time mother in this picture was losing blood rapidly and her life as she held her precious son for a few moments. Thankfully, due to 37+ units of blood transfusions, life saving surgeries, and 8 hours later she was on the road to recovery. She has been lucky enough to enjoy the love of her family and appreciate life!
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Many of you may not have heard the story but the American Red Cross and people donate blood saved my life! June 22nd I entered a surgical room for a routine c-section for my first child, we waited to find out if it was a girl or a boy. Surprise it was a sweet precious little boy, Rhett Emerson Rosner was born at 11:22 am. During the procedure, several complications occurred the most severe being my uterine artery being cut. I started to lose blood very quickly and wasn’t stable. I was able to hold my sweet baby boy for just a short time before he was taken to the nursery to be tended to. It was decided I needed to be flown to another hospital for additional surgery. The 12-minute flight to Kearney was almost too long for me. But my Guardian Angels flew with us and I made it in time. Throughout my time in Lex, the flight, and in Kearney I was given 37+ units of blood, plasma, and platelets. By 8 pm my husband heard the best words he had heard since our son was born, “Lindsay is stable”.

I awoke late that night confused, lost, and hurting. But with my family around me and a bit of time I was able to make a complete recovery. I am blessed to be here to see Rhett grow, too quickly if you ask me. This is a great opportunity for others to help build the American Red Cross’ blood supply back up. Within a week of being released from the hospital, I received 8 calls from donation centers trying to set an appointment for me. Sadly, I will not be able to try and donate for one year. I have since been able to donate as I had before becoming pregnant with Rhett. Its meaning is so much more now than before. I often tear up as I give knowing I wouldn’t be here with other donors! I am pleading with everyone who is capable to donate please give for someone else.   THANK YOU for donating from someone who never in a million years would think she would become a recipient. Thank you from every blood cell in my body!!

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