For Jess

47 /100

A lot of you know, my beautiful fiance, Jess, is going through chemotherapy to fight off a rare kidney cancer that has decided to take up long term residence in her body.  We tried telling the tumor-tenants that they were evicted for being complete jerks, but they ignored us, so we’ve moved on to chemo.  The treatments are helping to force the cancer out, but the fight is taking out a lot of Jess’s healthy cells too, which has necessitated several whole blood and platelet transfusions.  She’s actually currently sitting in the emergency room as I type this out, waiting to receive more blood and platelets, just to get her body back to the point where she can handle more chemo and keep up the fight.

Jess is and has been an absolute warrior through this, and I’m going to ask for something on her behalf: please give blood.  Even better, give platelets.  Platelets are only viable for 5 days, so the ones that Jess will be getting tonight had to be given since July 4th.  So many people have asked if there is something they can do– there is!

Let’s start the bloody thing!

Posted on: July 9, 2018

What your donors are up to...

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