Boots On – Sleeves Up

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Covid-19, Shelter in Place and the nightly news have really turned things upside down! It has also given us at MAH the time to refocus and take care of our families and ourselves!
In 2019 my MOM was in and out of the hospital 8+ times with various issues. One thing in common, was the need for BLOOD! The local news is always asking people to “Do whatever you can”, to ensure the Healthcare personnel have the supplies they need. I can’t sew masks, but I can Give Blood!
The American Red Cross has put together the opportunity to have Virtual Blood Drives! We can all give blood in our own communities, for our own communities, while still working as one Merck Animal Health Team.
My colleague and teammate, Kate Hill, has stepped up to help in the efforts to launch this Drive. Kate mentioned that she has a rare type of blood, so it’s important for her to give back for those that may share her rare blood type.
Click on the PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD, on the right side of the screen, to go to the “Boots On – Sleeves Up” campaign on the Red Cross website.

Please take the time to share your donation story with your colleagues at Merck Animal Health! Take a Selfie with your “Sleeves Up” while donating your blood. Then post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or just pass it around. Be sure to wear some Merck apparel in your selfie! So, if you get an email from myself, Kate or the Red Cross, please be sure to open it up.

Boots On – Sleeves Up

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #BootsOn-SleevesUp