Birthday gift of life

2 /27

This year was marked to be a year of transformation and celebration. I never made a big deal of my birthday because it was close to final exams. I didn’t want take the little time we had to prepare from my friends and looked forward to a big idea this final year of dental school.

Although we won’t get to celebrate this day among many other significant ones together this year, I’ve learned the value more than ever of gratitude and connection beyond face to face contact. I plan to donate blood again because it has always been in need, and it is now more than ever with closed blood drives and rising hospital burdens.

There is no pressure to donate, but if you are healthy and able to (and want to do something nice for my birthday :)), please think about the impact you could make with just one visit, now that many of us have open schedules to. Stay safe and healthy everyone. My heart is with you during these difficult times.

What your donors are up to...

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