Be Selfless: Donate Blood

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My name is Courtney Pelland, I’m here to tell you my story. On January 14, 2015 I heard the following words, “We are hospitalizing your daughter,” these were the scariest words I had ever heard in my life. I just had my blood drawn and was eating lunch with my dad. My hemoglobin was critically low at a value of six, normal is twelve to sixteen, along with many other low lab results.  My body did not have any iron or ferritin (iron storage).  While I was in the hospital, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. At that moment, I didn’t realize my journey and education on the importance of donating blood was just beginning. I ended up getting two units of blood that day.  The next 10 months was a blur of doctors and tests.  Finally, the physicians were able to determine the cause of my iron deficiency, and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. If it wasn’t for the two people that donated blood, I may not be here today. When I walk down the street, I always wonder if I am walking by one of the people who donated blood that helped save my life.

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire you to save someones life by donating blood.

Be Selfless today by scheduling an appointment at the nearest American Red Cross or at the next blood drive in your town.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving a life today!!!

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