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We often work independently for the good of others every day in small ways to make an impact on our communities.  As an organization, we have dedicated and Yes donated great sums of money to the NAACP and NDI. We ALSO do important work in our individual Temples and Courts! However, starting August 1, 2019 we want to have an even more direct impact on our local communities and let it stretch across the nation!! Most of us know someone living with Sickle Cell Anemia and/or other blood disorders who Need blood transfusions to survive. Yet there is often a lack of donors (and therefore donations) who share their specific ethnic background! Well now we are sending a call to action to Everyone who can donate to donate. If you can’t do it yourself, send a friend, a family member, your neighbor across the street, members of your church, or anyone else who is somehow connected to you to donate JUST ONE UNIT, Even if it’s just ONE TIME!!

The Red Cross has to collect 15,000 blood donations every day to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. That’s a lot of patients in need and All of us, coming together, can help ensure patients receive life saving blood.

So SleevesUp and help us reach our goal. Make and keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #AleikumCares