A Plea for Platelets from The Time Between Is …

Why Donating Platelets Is So Important
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As a breast cancer patient who is advocating in the community about what it means to have breast cancer and how to be aware of your health, etc, I know firsthand about friends who have needed platelets in order to get their chemotherapy. I came close to needing a potential platelet transplant but was luckily able to avoid needing this as it can be tough to get platelets; the demand sometimes outstrips supply. Platelets only last 5 days and do take a little longer to donate than blood.

Recently, my dad was in the hospital for a heart procedure and he needed a platelets transfusion to help him heal – he is now doing really well, thank God and I am still standing, too.

Please consider joining me in the #SleevesUpforBreastCancer campaign; we can meet and do it in person or you can call me when you are doing it and we can chat and gossip like silly.

I am here to help others get through cancer and along with cancer, platelets can help anyone who needs them, like my dad. You can learn more about this on my blog at thetimebetweenis.weebly.com or follow me via Twitter @timebetweenis or Instagram @thetimebetweenis.

Thanks for considering to help!!


What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SleevesUpForBreastCancer