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I am hoping I can find 33 people who are willing to roll up their sleeve and donate blood in the next 33 days. if there isn’t a red cross location that is do able for you, or within the 33 days – please don’t let that stop you from making an appointment ~ with any bank/organization that you are able to get to. I am always willing to help you locate a drive in your area.

I started to donate blood, what became regularly, by walking into a reoccurring blood drive in my neighborhood in August of 2017. If you are eligible to donate blood, you can do so every 56 days & I have yet to miss a month of donating, even while out of town. I have am fortunate enough to have never needed to be on the receiving end of donated blood, but I have been directly impacted and able to benefit from those generous enough to spare a few mins of their day (be it once, once in a while, or regularly). Time is the most valuable gift, and one I was able to gain with family and friends who have required donated blood. I do not expect anyone to “make it a mission” to donate regularly, but would be pretty cool. If you are ineligible to donate, but would be so kind as to share, that would be much appreciated as well. I wish everyone good health.

Thank you in advance to those who can help me share the importance of blood donation.

*To 33 ~ Cheers*

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